Paula Swiercz joined us at the Good Samaritan Institute this summer as part of her senior project for the Collegiate High School at Northwest Florida State College. Under the direction of our own Doug Liles, Paula started straight away on her research, concentrating mainly on the use of natural killer cells in cancer treatment.

This senior project, Capstone as it is known, is designed to be an introduction to the student’s career field of interest. By combining at least 15 hours of field work, a research paper, a portfolio, and a presentation, the student gets an in depth exploration of the subject  he or she chooses to concentrate on as well as exposure to the work force in that area.

Because of her high interest in the biological sciences, Paula joined us to further investigate the research side of medicine. After hearing about the natural killer cell treatment, she began her own crash course of the immune system, cancer, components of the blood, and many other topics in order to clearly understand as well as analyze the treatment.

In her time here, Paula hopes to gain a greater knowledge of what goes into getting a new treatment or drug out on to the market as well as be able to identify possible hurdles that the researchers could run into. This is a great experience for a young high schooler and she is making the most of it. It is obvious Paula enjoys her time here, between her passion and eagerness to learn more about medicine, her fascination with the office’s pet snake, Penelope, and her daily end of the day dart games with Mr. Liles. Paula’s experiences here will stay with her through her lifetime as she matures and makes her way through school into the workforce, giving her a step up in deciding what career path to follow.

Santa Rosa Project

The Santa Rosa Project (SRP) will combine a mix of science and world class recreation.

Our creative environment will facilitate creative solutions.

Researchers, engineers, physicians and technology companies will participate in short sabbaticals.

We will showcase the newest science equipment and techniques.

Our purpose is to advance enabling cancer treatments.

 A week of the SRP goes something like this..

  1. Our fellow scientist hasThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. We participate in web-based group discussions.
  3. Our comments have been rated highly and voted up by our scientific peers.
  4. We are picked (and funded) to travel to Northwest Florida.
  5. After arriving in Florida’s newest International Airport (Southwest airlines), we  drive  40 minutes (with minimal traffic) to the campus.
  6. We meet in interactive workshops to reach consensus.
  7. In the mornings, we discuss of the most current, enabling science technologies.
  8. In the afternoons, we boat, hike, swim, fish, play golf, tennis, and walk on the beach.
  9. We web-publish monthly session results on STREAMED LIVE---
  10.  We web-archive the results as a list of best practices.

Interactive web tools will allow members to improve the best practices list by nominating, rating and voting for their favorites.

STEM24 Summary

STEM24 (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

GSI's Virtual Mentor program will inspire more students to choose STEM career paths

The Good Samaritan Institute (GSI) will be using a variety of methods to incorporate technology based programming in to the classroom environment to enhance the learning experience for the student while providing teachers with innovative and technology driven techniques for teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) based curriculum.  GSI has termed its project “STEM24” for the 24 hour access that educators and students will have to the STEM content.  STEM24 has been developed to bring a broader scope of STEM based employment opportunities to students in communities that are rural and under-served.  Furthermore, STEM24 will provide teachers in these areas with methodologies for developing STEM interest in their students to help bridge the gap and prepare their students for the STEM workforce.

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