The Santa Rosa Project

Santa Rosa Project

The Santa Rosa Project (SRP) will combine a mix of science and world class recreation.

Our creative environment will facilitate creative solutions.

Researchers, engineers, physicians and technology companies will participate in short sabbaticals.

We will showcase the newest science equipment and techniques.

Our purpose is to advance enabling cancer treatments.

 A week of the SRP goes something like this..

  1. Our fellow scientist hasThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. We participate in web-based group discussions.
  3. Our comments have been rated highly and voted up by our scientific peers.
  4. We are picked (and funded) to travel to Northwest Florida.
  5. After arriving in Florida’s newest International Airport (Southwest airlines), we  drive  40 minutes (with minimal traffic) to the campus.
  6. We meet in interactive workshops to reach consensus.
  7. In the mornings, we discuss of the most current, enabling science technologies.
  8. In the afternoons, we boat, hike, swim, fish, play golf, tennis, and walk on the beach.
  9. We web-publish monthly session results on STREAMED LIVE---
  10.  We web-archive the results as a list of best practices.

Interactive web tools will allow members to improve the best practices list by nominating, rating and voting for their favorites.